Woocommerce Progressive Web App (PWA)

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Convert your existing Woocommerce site into a Progressive web app(PWA)

Without the need to change the theme design or HTML for as little as $200. We have achieved lighthouse score of 100 with server side woocommerce websites. No need to use the Woocommerce API or a Single Page design. Feel free to contact us and we can have a look at your website and let you know how we can go about it.

The way WordPress is built, it is difficult to create a plugin that automatically converts a site to PWA. A more customized approach is needed. We are confident that with the approach we use, we can get most themes to work as a PWA.

According to google PWA or Progressive Web Apps are web based application that are reliable, fast and engaging so that it earns itself a place on the user’s home screen.

The main advantage of a PWA Woocommerce website is, the user is shown the Add to Home screen banner and it helps achieve an overall better user engagement. Also another advantage is, with cached static assets and other caching approaches like Stale While Revalidate, we can dramatically improve the user experience.

About us, we are WordPress/Woocommerce experts. We work at $40 per hour. We can pretty much get any customization you need on your woocommerce website.

Feel free to have a chat with us and we can answer any questions you have.